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Financial institutions, wallet providers, payments aggregators and merchants must offer a wide choice of multi-channel mobile payments services to their customers, while balancing fraud prevention with simple user experience.

HCE IPOS SWIM platform is a strategic choice for these organisations!

HCE IPOS SWIM provides mobile users a wide range of business, security and payments applications: 

  • HCEWALLET app – enable EMV card tokenisation;
  • IPOS app – “PIN-on-Glass” point of sale;
  • SWIM app – Software Wireless Identity Module public key infrastructure (PKI).

Mobile device fingerprint/PIN strong customer authentication (SCA) login security provided by SWIM gives peace-of-mind payments to consumers and their card issuers, wallet providers, payment service providers (PSP), and merchants.

We are your innovative mobile payments provider, proposing IPOS “PIN on Glass”, HCE (host card emulation), UPI (account-to-account unified payment interface), Ecash wallet accounts and Loyalty tokens services.

Our HCE IPOS SWIM technology platform released as version enables mobile payments and loyalty for all card and account types for proximity, in-app and online purchases.

With HCEWALLET App, consumers tokenise payment cards such that primary card numbers (PAN) are never stored on mobile devices. When consumers pay with these EMV tokens, actual card numbers are not shared with merchants and critical card data is never exposed over the Internet.

SWIM apps provision unique Public Key Digital Identities to consumers to secure card and other critical account data (such as crypto-currency private keys) as well as enable digital signature proof-of-purchase.

We can support 3D Secure Version 2 and EMV SRC (secure remote commerce) mobile payments protocols.


We deliver white-labelled mobile payments SAAS (Software as a Service) or our Clients can in-house host PAAS (Platform as a Service).