EU citizens will soon use HCEWALLET mobile app to securely store their Bitcoins

EU citizens will soon be able to safeguard their Bitcoins by moving them to a new secure HCEWALLET mobile app. They will no longer have to store their cryptocurrency on insecure/uprotected exchanges! Online exchanges have had $Billions stolen! The new secure HCEWALLET mobile app will effortlessly provides buy, sell, send and receive services for Bitcoins.


EU Bitcoin HCEWALLET Mobile App

HCEWALLET mobile apps, websites and the services will be available for residents of UK and European Union soon!

HCEWALLET app will provide payment functions using digital cards, bank accounts for person to person transfers, Bitcoin, Ecash and loyalty accounts.

  1. Download HCEWALLET Mobile App from Google Play.
  2. Register with the App performing your KYC (know your customer) and agree to terms of use and privacy.
  3. Load your BItcoins into the HCEWALLET App from your existing Bitcoin exchanges and you are ready to sell, buy, send and receive Bitcoins.

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