HCE SWIM MAP for digital currencies and cards

HCE SWIM MAP private cloud managed service provides >99.9% up-time as expected by Financial Institutions (FI). The hosted infrastructure is globally scalable for HCE (host card emulation) digital card accounts and Bitcoin and proprietary Ecash cryptocurrency services.

Our host platform provides the strongest software PKI authentication via ‘SWIM IDs’ (software wireless identity modules) meeting the stringent PSD2 (Payments Service Directive 2 in the European Union) as well as RBI (strong remote 2-factor user authentication mandates in India).

HCE for NFC Tap&Pay and In-App Payments

NFC on mobiles is commonly used for contactless card payments at points-of-sales in-stores. NFC is also compatible with transit!

HCE (host card emulation) solves safe tokenised storage of cards in software on mobiles. The  safe delivery and strong authentication of users is further achieved by the SWIM IDs we issue to every user. The benefits of SWIM ID based HCE are:

Fraud reduction

Strong 2-factor user authentication

End-to-end HCE Token data privacy

Merchant cost efficiency

Lower Card Issuer costs

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