EMVCo compliant Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)

HCE SWIM secure remote commerce (SRC) mobile and host applications comply with HCE EMV Tokenisation, 3D Secure V2, and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) mobile payments standards to deliver SRC and NFC Tap and Pay mobile payments to Clients.

We handle sensitive payment cardholder data securely within our PCI-DSS data centres conforming to the latest payments and security standards promoted by EMVCo and PCI Council.

Supporting EMVCo SRC Standards – EMV Tokens and 3DSV2

HCE (host card emulation) EMV tokenisation technology components generate network as well as mobile device tokens. There is no need for a “secure element” in mobile devices to store EMV tokens used for safe and secure NFC contactless as well as QR and Bar Code enabled mobile payments.

As a Token Requestor and Issuer Token Service Provider (TR & I TSP) for our Clients, we help them link to Visa VTS, Mastercard MDES and NPCI RuPay card token services. Hence our TR TSP and I TSP applications comply with EMV tokenisation standards. We can provide VTS/MDES/RuPay connected as well as proprietary cards in-house tokenisation services.

HCE SWIM platforms integrate tokenisation with 3D Secure Version 2 (3DSV2) Secure Remote Commerce payment protocols.  Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is achieved via OTP (one time passwords via SMS or email) as well as Out-Of-Bound (OOB) dual/triple factor SWIM digital identities.

In-store, Online and In-App Mobile Payments

HCE SWIM TSP platform enables merchants integrated with payment gateways to perform NFC, web and In-App mobile payments.

UPI Peer-to-Peer Bank Payments

Our TSP platform also provide Indian UPI standards based peer-to-peer and peer-to-merchant bank account payments.

Ecash Blockchains

We can support for our Clients crypto-currencies (such as Bitcoin and other proprietary Ecash Accounts) with integration to public and private blockchains.