HCEWALLET for Mobile App SDK

HCEWALLET Software Development Kit (SDK) integrates into our Clients’ mobile commerce apps in all business sectors (from financial services to corporate secure remote commerce apps). Functionally, HCEWALLET Mobile App enables the following Digital SRC Services:

Digital Cards - HCE EMV Tokens for 3DSV2 SRC and Tap and Pay
Digital Currencies - Proprietary E-cash and Bitcoin
Digital Banking - Peer-to-peer account payments (UPI)
Digital SCA - Strong Customer Authentication and data protection

Intrinsic Security of HCEWALLET

HCEWALLET integrates with SWIM Service App SDK (where SWIM Digital IDs are stored securely); together these modules provide dual security tokens (HCE EMV tokens and SWIM ID) protection.


  • Protects against reverse engineering & code modification
  • Secure Processing including cryptographic functions using Whitebox
  • Protect sensitive data secrets (Keys – HCE EMV Tokens and SWIM IDs)
  • Detects device & code integrity
  • Secure Communications: HCE EMV Tokenisation and 3DS version 2 payments protocol support.

Security measures:

  • Whitebox cryptography,
  • Anti-Tampering,
  • Native Code obfuscation,
  • Java Code Obfuscation,
  • Anti-debugging checks,
  • Rooting detection mechanisms,
  • Device binding.