Leveraging RBI Mobile Card Tokenization Guidelines

Free BKC, Mumbai Workshops For Banks and Wallet Operators

Thursday, 14th February 2019 – 2 pm – 5.30 pm

Friday, 15th February 2019 – 10.30 am – 1.30 pm

Saturday, 16th February 2019 – 10.30 am – 1.30 pm

Confirmed Attendance:

New India Bank, IDFC Bank, ICICI, Kotak, YES Bank, Union Bank of India, South India Bank, Federal bank, NPCI, Karnataka Bank, BAndhan Bank, DBS, Bank of Baroda,Bank of India, Indusind,Book My Show, VISA and many more!

Workshop targeted for Banks, E-Commerce Merchants, Wallet Operators and Payment Gateways/Processors lasting 3-hours at WeWork, BKC,  Mumbai

Using your mobile device to make tap and pay and In-App payments will be as common as using physical credit and debit cards. In fact mobile NFC and tokenised In-app payments opens the door to new shopping experiences with Digital Cards Accounts on mobile devices.


  • HCE Service vision on future of Tokenization and PCI-SPoC Mobile Payments
  • Pros and cons for In-house Development versus Outsourcing to Tokenization Service Providers (TSP)
  • Market landscape in India for NFC Tap & Pay
  • Use Cases and demos – Transaction flows, Payments experience and Customer journey
  • RBI requirements and implementing card Tokenization

Please confirm your slot by 13th Feb (Wednesday) at sales@hceservice.com.

HCE Service is proud to hold workshops to share Tokenization and PCI-SPoC know-how, integration options and the best suited Implementation strategy.

This workshop aims to detail business requirements and translate them into suitable solutions. Mixing theory and brainstorming, implementation options will be reviewed, including advantages and drawbacks.

Loyalty Incentives to drive HCEWALLET Mobile App in India launch soon!

HCEWALLET our client is soon launching digital card accounts based loyalty voucher programme within India for consumers to safely purchase e-commerce online and retail vouchers from Brands such as Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Shoppersstop.com,  Lifestylestores.com, Central Mall, Baskin Robbins, Arrow, Mega Mart, and many more.

Indian consumers will be able to download HCEWALLET Apps from Google Play Store, register using their identity documents, add Ecash to their digital wallets from their bank accounts, buy digital INR (Indian Rupee) vouchers from Brand partners and then redeem these vouchers at the Brands’ retail locations or websites.

During the launch period, when consumers load for example minimum 2,000 INR to their HCEWALLET digital cash wallet, they get Ecash bonus of 500 INR.

“Get 2,500 Rupees shopping Ecash in HCEWALLET App for the price of 2,000 Rupees!”

Watch this space!

HCE Service Marketing


HCE digital cards issuance by banks will increase adoption of mobile tap-and-pay and in-app payments

HCE (Host Card Emulation) standards will enable mobile app digital cards issuance by banks and other issuers. HCE payments adoption will require certification to Visa and Mastercard standards as well as strong 2-factor user authentication and non-repudiation of token issuance and payments.

HCE SWIM MAP with PKI  2FA User Authentication and Digital Signatures

HCE Service proposes highest level of user trust by adoption of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security framework, providing user authentication and non-repudiation, together with HCE standards.

Our mobile issuance services include secure NFC EMV tap-and-pay cards, person-to-person (P2P) bank accounts, ecash and Bitcoin accounts, gift and loyalty cards provisioning. Instead of pulling out the physical wallet to access cash, credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons or tickets, everything can be securely stored in and processed in users’ own mobile devices.

EU citizens will soon use HCEWALLET mobile app to securely store their Bitcoins

EU citizens will soon be able to safeguard their Bitcoins by moving them to a new secure HCEWALLET mobile app. They will no longer have to store their cryptocurrency on insecure/uprotected exchanges! Online exchanges have had $Billions stolen! The new secure HCEWALLET mobile app will effortlessly provides buy, sell, send and receive services for Bitcoins.


EU Bitcoin HCEWALLET Mobile App

HCEWALLET mobile apps, websites and the services will be available for residents of UK and European Union soon!

HCEWALLET app will provide payment functions using digital cards, bank accounts for person to person transfers, Bitcoin, Ecash and loyalty accounts.

  1. Download HCEWALLET Mobile App from Google Play.
  2. Register with the App performing your KYC (know your customer) and agree to terms of use and privacy.
  3. Load your BItcoins into the HCEWALLET App from your existing Bitcoin exchanges and you are ready to sell, buy, send and receive Bitcoins.

HCESERVICE aims to provide HCE and UPI SAAS solution to Bank Card Issuers

HCESERVICE is undergoing final security evaluation with Visa Inc accredited security labs for its HCE SWIM Wallet and will soon be “Visa Ready” with Visa Token Service.  Its HCE SWIM MPA  (comprising SWIM-Wallet-SDK and SWIM-SDK mobile software development kits) enable HCE (host card emulation) based digital card accounts and UPI (unified payment interface) bank accounts to be added and managed in all Bank Issuer Wallets or 3rd Party Wallets Android mobile apps.

Ahead of the final Visa Ready status, HCESERVICE is inviting all software developers to evaluate and integrate its SDKs free-of-charge. Software developers of mobile wallets are invited to the new HCESERVICE BKC, Mumbai office for free training sessions with experts who can help train them to use the external APIs (Application Program Interfaces) provided by the SDKs.

The SWIM-Wallet-SDKs support strong 2-factor user authentication and non-repudiation, HCE digital card accounts and UPI bank account to bank account payments. Blockchain based loyalty and ecash payments can also be supported.

  • HCE Service PKI based SWIM ID technology provides the strong 2-factor authentication in the SDKs
  • SDKs support digital card accounts, loyalty and ecash NFC and In-App payments
  • HCE Service provides outsourced SaaS technology solution for the SDKs enabling client wallet apps to be launched quickly and effortlessly!