Our Bank and Corporate Clients need to offer a wide choice of face-to-face and secure remote commerce payment methods to their end user customers. Each Client of ours requires a EMVCo standards based approach to balance fraud prevention and user experience in developing mobile payment services.

HCE Service proposes mobile device fingerprinting, strong customer authentication (SCA) login security, and risk based real-time analysis of user behaviour can be combined to mitigate fraud while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Whether you are a card issuer, 3-party wallet provider, Payment Service Providers (PSP), merchant or corporate, we aim to be your focused innovative secure mobile payments technology vendor and partner.

Our mobile payments services propositions include

  • EMV Tokenisation – HCE
  • 3D Secure V2 – 3DSV2
  • SCA – 2FA – SWIM
  • UPI (account-to-account unified payment interface)
  • Ecash and Bitcoin

Our SAAS (software as a service) technology platform called HCE SWIM enables mobile payments and loyalty services for all markets requiring face-to-face, in-app and online payments.