SWIM (Software Wireless Identity Module)

SWIM mobile SDK forms the foundation of secure mobile EMV tokens issuance and 3D Secure V2 payment protocol infrastructure. SWIM uses public and private key infrastructure cryptography and supports “trusted third parties”, namely Certification Authorities and Registration Authorities.

SWIM security services include:

Confidentiality – Message content (transactional data) must be available only to authorised parties.

Authentication – Proof that message really has come from the person who claims to have sent it.

Integrity – Detect that the message content has not been altered during transmission.

Non-repudiation – Protection against the sender of the message denying having sent it.

SWIM PKI in a Nutshell…

  • Reduces transactional risks across untrusted networks and remote end users;
  • Protects information flowing across networks;
  • Based on established industry standards and delivers end-to-end protection for valuable sensitive information.

HCE – Host Card Emulation

Our Clients can integrate digital card accounts (EMV Tokens) directly into own mobile wallets and banking apps as the preferred low-cost, multi-channel interaction with their end user customers. Our HCE is integrated with our SWIM Secure Customer Authenticated (SCA) technology to provide comprehencive 2FA.

HCE allows our Clients to add payment functionality to an existing banking/wallet apps and rollout seamlessly to millions of users via simple app updates, maintaining control over customer relationships, data and how credentials are used.

3-Domain Secure Version 2 Payment Protocol

We support 3D Secure Version 2 protocol mandated by EMVCo and the card payments networks for merchants, payment gateways and acquirers, wallet providers and issuers.

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