HCE Service provides powerful mobile payments and tokenisation services capable of handling high-volume on-line transaction processing (OLTP) for financial institutions, physical and e-/m-commerce merchants, payment gateways/processors, wallet providers and other corporates. Our Clients must provide secure mobile payments to their end user customers to increase sales, while balancing fraud prevention and user experience.

HCE Service was formed in 2015 by payments industry experts who predicted that EMV Tokenisation (HCE, host card emulation) and 2FA SCA (2-factor strong customer authentication) would become essential for Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) in the future. The founders invested in a 50+ software engineering technology team in 2015 to commence building the HCE SWIM mobile-host technologies.

EMVCo SRC standards have now emerged precisely specifying EMV Tokenisation and 2FA SCA in payment protocols such as 3D Secure Version 2 in 2019.

HCESERVICE proposes device fingerprinting, strong customer authentication (SCA), and real-time digital currencies, cards and secure commerce payments services.  We deliver tokenisation and mobile payments services via an outsourced white-labelled SAAS (Software as a Service) or we can deliver to our Clients the HCE SWIM platform and white-labelled HCEWALLET mobile SDK to own and operate.

For further information please contact us on sales@hceservice.com.