HCE digital cards issuance by banks will increase adoption of mobile tap-and-pay and in-app payments

HCE (Host Card Emulation) standards will enable mobile app digital cards issuance by banks and other issuers. HCE payments adoption will require certification to Visa and Mastercard standards as well as strong 2-factor user authentication and non-repudiation of token issuance and payments.

HCE SWIM MAP with PKI  2FA User Authentication and Digital Signatures

HCE Service proposes highest level of user trust by adoption of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security framework, providing user authentication and non-repudiation, together with HCE standards.

Our mobile issuance services include secure NFC EMV tap-and-pay cards, person-to-person (P2P) bank accounts, ecash and Bitcoin accounts, gift and loyalty cards provisioning. Instead of pulling out the physical wallet to access cash, credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons or tickets, everything can be securely stored in and processed in users’ own mobile devices.