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The mobile has evolved from a wireless telephone into a “Smartphone”, with the ability to handle a wide variety of new local and remote services and applications such as banking, payments, ticketing, and secure access-based operations.

SWIM can become a globally accepted security framework for mobile e-commerce to promote certain protocols, security solutions and standards addressing the special requirements of the Smartphone, which essentially puts end users at the centre of the mobile e-commerce world.

HCE Service predicts that by 2025 more than 2 billion Host Card Emulation and Software Wireless Identity Module (SWIM) secured Smartphones supplied by multiple service providers will be in the hands of consumers.

End users need to retain personal control of their security environment, allowing for a wide range of applications and the establishment of secure links to content providers.

HCE Service is an innovative mobile payments and tokenisation solutions services company. Founded in India and the UK in 2015, HCE Service is led by a senior team with over 100+ years experience in the mobile payments industry.

Since 2015 the team has spent over 200+ man software engineering years in building and releasing its latest HCE IPOS SWIM V3.0.0.0 platform and associated mobile payments and security apps.

The goals of HCE Service

HCE Service embraces and extends existing industry standards and technologies whenever possible and appropriate. For example, HCE Service draws upon HCE (host card emulation) payments standard, WEB for WTLS (Wireless Transport Layer Security), Blockchain, SWIM (Software Wireless Identity Module) and WPKI (Wireless Public Key Infrastructure). HCE Service also embraces Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC wireless connectivity technology.

HCE Service defines a common framework that enables the development of an array of mobile commerce applications including HCE (host card emulation) with NFC. The HCE Service SWIM framework describes how secure mobile electronic transactions are performed by Smartphones, using the standards leveraged by HCE Service.

HCE Service strives to ensure a consistent user experience across multiple phones, access (NFC, WiFi and Bluetooth) technologies and usage scenarios (which are based on a common set of core functions). Providing a consistent user experience will be one of the key HCE Service contributions to the mobile commerce marketplace.

Vision & Mission

We deliver innovative and secure mobile payments and tokenisation solutions to our customers and strategic partners, with the ultimate aim that their mobile consumers can tokenise cards, use ecash digital wallets on blockchain, and perform secure person-to-person bank account payments.


  • Keep innovating for our clients and their mobile consumers.
  • Build convenience & efficiency via high-quality, cost-effective SAAS and PAAS solutions.
  • Ensure trust and security for end consumers by providing strong customer authentication via consumer issued SWIM PKI digital identities.