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HCE Service is an innovative mobile payments and tokenisation solutions services company. Founded in the UK in 2015, HCE Service is led by a senior team with over 100+ years experience in the payments industry.

Since 2015 the team has spent over 200+ man software engineering years in building and releasing its latest HCE IPOS SWIM V3.0.0.0 platform.

Vision & Mission

We deliver innovative and secure mobile payments and tokenisation solutions to our customers and strategic partners, with the ultimate aim that their mobile consumers can tokenise cards, use ecash digital wallets on blockchain, and perform secure person-to-person bank account payments.


  • Keep innovating for our clients and their mobile consumers.
  • Build convenience & efficiency via high-quality, cost-effective SAAS and PAAS tokenisation payments solutions.
  • Ensure trust and security for end consumers by providing strong customer authentication through use of SWIM PKI digital identities.

IPOS Product

IPOS provides highly secure in-app, web, EMV chip and PIN, contactless and gift card payments to independent and multi-chain merchants.

Our mobile IPOS empowers merchants to quickly accept card payments within mobile, EPOS, kiosks, hospitality and web commerce channels with minimal capital investment and low on-going payments services costs. Suitable for both card-present and card-not-present environments, HCE Service is PCI DSS compliant, and Visa and MasterCard Ready for tokenisation.

HCE Service supports simple, mobile digital card wallets certified with Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES token services and “PIN on Glass” mobile payments using commercial off-the-shelf mobile devices meeting the PCI SPoC standard.


HCEWALLET is a white-label mobile tokenisation and payments app for Issuers, Wallet Providers, Merchants and Payments Aggregators. It integrates remotely with HCE IPOS SWIM host platform to perform card tokenisation based on HCE EMV standards for Visa, Mastercard and RuPay card schemes.

A proprietary External API provides integration methods within HCEWALLET app SDK (software development kit) enabling Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) based on EMV Tokenisation and 3D Secure Version 2 standards.

End users sign up to use the SCA (strong customer authentication) provided through SWIM IDs within HCEWALLET during mobile enrollment. HCEWALLET mobile app is offered in accordance with published Terms & Conditions on the website Client’s end users must read, understood, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement, E-Sign Consent and Privacy Policy.