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Bitcoin Q & A

How long does it take for deposited Bitcoin to appear in my HCEWALLET?

Once deposited, you will be able to see this in the “Transactions” page usually within a few seconds, but you will not be able to sell/send these Bitcoins until the transaction receives confirmation.

Can I have multiple Bitcoin addresses?

We currently provide one address per verified HCEWALLET user SWIM ID. Your single address is capable or receiving or sending any number of transactions. You can create multiple user SWIM IDs on different devices to have multiple Bitcoin addresses.

How can I send Bitcoin as a gift to my friend who does not know about Bitcoin?

At the “Send” button, you can either key-in a user ID, name or email ID of the recipient. Type in the recipient’s Email ID here along with the value of Bitcoin you wish to send and hit the “Send” button to confirm the transaction.

How do you determine Bitcoin price?

At HCEWALLET, the price of Bitcoin is calculated based on a number of credible Exchanges.

What are the fees for me to buy and sell bitcoin?

Fees are displayed at the time of transfer prior to your confirmation.

How long do bank deposits take to credited to Ecash Account Wallet?

Orders are usually processed within 3-4 working day hours from the time your payment hits our account but can sometimes take up to 24 working hours. Please note, if your deposit was made on a Saturday evening or on the eve of a bank holiday, then your payment will only reach us the next working day which is when your order gets queued for processing.

How to buy Bitcoin?

You need to have balance in your Ecash Account wallet to buy Bitcoin.

What are my buy/sell limits?

These limits are set by the HCEWALLET App and are varied by us.

After selling Bitcoin, how long does it take to receive my payment?

When you sell Bitcoins we credit your local currency Ecash Account immediately. To withdraw from your Ecash Account, we need up to 2 working days to process your order and we do the payments in batches.

Can I make GBP/EUR deposit from different bank account?

No, the deposit should be made from your registered bank account ONLY.