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Authorisation Server – IPOS

IPOS system connects on-line to existing bank acquiring systems (based on ISO8583) which provide card issuing and account management facilities and this system provides front-end on-line authorisation security for “mobile” HCE token based transactions.

Token Issuance System – HCE

HCE is a comprehensive customer card token issuing system for mobile devices. It allows consumers to be issued with digital HCE tokens of many types: credit, debit, loyalty, etc. for card schemes such as Visa, MasterCard and RuPay.

HCE is designed to handle practically any size of population, from a few thousand cardholders to many millions.  The application provides an extensive GUI based Token Management and Help Desk facilities.

Wireless Transactional PKI – SWIM

HCE Service has conceived, researched and developed a wireless transactional PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) solution, SWIM, which is a family of PKI component products, which collectively provide a Public Key Infrastructure for Trusted Third Party (TTP) operations (i.e. Certificate and Registration Authorities) as well as secure transactional services.

The above three system components are deployed as an integrated product, HCE IPOS SWIM V3.0.0.0 – IPOS authorisation, HCE issuance and SWIM Transactional PKI.