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ECASH Blockchain Service

We propose to offer you the SWIM ECASH Blockchain platform to provide the following Use Cases within your Ecash/Loyalty programs:

  • You can register Corporates and End Users (such as end Customers or Employees) to earn and burn Digital Tokens based Assets (e.g. ecash monetary value or loyalty points).
  • You can register Assets represented by Digital Tokens to earn and burn Asset value (e.g. Loyalty Points).
  • End Users (end Customers and/or Employees) can earn Assets (e.g. Ecash or “points” distributed to them via intermediaries such as managers and/or channel partners). Loyalty points can effectively be Blockchain Assets ledgers managed; e.g. a virtual currency “Asset” type “Points”. These points incentivise End Users to achieve certain goals/targets set by your Enterprise Clients.
  • End Users can buy/top-up their Ecash Asset value accounts using their bank credit/debit card, in order to have more balance in their loyalty points or gift voucher accounts.
  • End Users can burn the Asset value points (i.e. they can redeem these points in exchange for Products/Goods on particular merchant websites via your offered merchant product catalogue. Managers can reward points to employees/customers who can then go on these redemption websites to buy products using points.

HCEWALLET App stores both the Ecash digital tokens (user Blockchain private key) and the SWIM Digital ID tokens securely within the mobile app. The Ecash tokens are downloaded on to the mobile phone from the host (HCE IPOS SWIM), after authenticating the user. The Public Key Infrastructure securely creates and provisions the Digital ID token on to the mobile phone that binds the device and the user to the digital tokens. All communication between host and mobile is encrypted using SWIM Digital ID tokens. All critical data within the app and the cryptographic functions are further protected through White Box cryptograph and Code Obfuscation. Ecash Wallet SDK is the frontend UI which enables NFC contactless, In-app and P2P transfers payments and also top up functionality.