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“The mobile phone will eventually become the device through which all everyday consumer payments are made. It will become the personal digital wallet, containing digital cards, which replace or at least complement physical cards, cash and coupons.”, Dr Chandra Patni, CEO

Mobile payments, can be broadly divided into:

  1. Online mobile payments (In-app and Browser);
  2. Contactless mobile payments through NFC (Virtual prepaid cards).

The global mobile payments industry has resolved real world problems and issues by standardizing and regulating:

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA – RBI AND PSD2),
  • EMV Tokenisation (EMVCo), and
  • Secure Remote Commerce (EMVCo) for financial payments processing.


  • The Internet is full of clever attackers! Smartphones can address online fraud losses by providing SCA (strong customer authentication).
  • Currently, Internet payments are based on credit/debit card numbers and expiry dates, data that is all too easy to gain access to for an attacker. EMV Tokenisation eliminates open access to critical card data.
  • Online mobile payments can be made simpler and more secure by Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) EMV cryptograms generated by card scheme Token Services.

White label HCEWALLET and SWIM apps support secure mobile payments enabling both online and NFC payments similar to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.