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IPOS App Features

“IPOS mobile app supports PTPE (point-to-point encryption) from the card reader to the IPOS Service host. By effectively removing clear card data from the merchant’s network, we have helped our merchants to significantly reduce the effort required in achieving PCI DSS compliance and effectively taken the retail POS and m-commerce sites out of scope.”, says Dr. Chandra Patni, co-founder of HCE Service.

IPOS provides secure PTPE mobile payment services, while keeping migration processes really simple from existing non-PTPE and non-tokenisation compliant payment solutions. Benefits of IPOS payment services include:

  • Achieve High Level of Security:
    • Card data encryption within the SCRP chip & PIN and contactless reader device
    • Card data decryption via HSM (High Security Modules) at the payment gateway
    • Industry Standard DUKPT Encryption within the SCRP device
    • No need for merchant PCI-DSS certification using external QSA
  • Easy and secure merchant registration and secure remote key injection based on SWIM
  • Significant reduction in chip & PIN, contactless and In-App payments processing