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Other Q & A

What does two-factor authentication mean?

The Two factor authentication enables us to verify you strongly meeting the EU PSD2 and the Indian RBI remote payment authentication regulations. Additionally, hackers are prevented from impersonating you!

What is SWIM ID (Software Wireless Identity Module)?

This is an additional public/private security key pair provided to you as a user to secure your identity, authenticate you while you access your HCEWALLET App and finally this SWIM ID is also bound to your mobile device preventing your hacker from stealing and loading your data on another device.

What is HCE (Host Card Emulation)?

HCE is the global standard created by Card Schemes such as Visa and Mastercard to digitise and tokenise your credit and debit cards on your mobile in order to prevent card data breach. Additionally,  Card Issuers provide full assurance that they will honour the payment made securely by a HCE digital card account without any danger of a chargeback!