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Software Wireless Identity Module, SWIM PKI systems are based on the fact that each party owns its public key pair. A trusted body certifies public key pairs belonging to individuals. Thus we can ensure that the individual is who he claims to be. In this manner, the SWIM PKI system can guarantee ‘non-repudiation’ of data origin.

The SWIM platform is based on established industry PKI (public key infrastructure) standards. It provides an integrated end-to-end security infrastructure designed to deliver end-to-end protection for high-value or sensitive information during transmission across an Intranet, an Extranet or across the Internet.

SWIM mobile application platform is a comprehensive set of distributed mobile client-server security systems. These combine to form a Wireless Public Key Infrastructure (WPKI) to meet the business and technical objectives described above, protecting communication between distributed mobile devices and host systems within the context of a WPKI.