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UPI P2P & Merchant Collect Payments

SWIM ATA UPI PSP System provides a framework that allows secure account-to-account payment transactions to be performed person-to-person and between consumers and merchants.

SWIM ATA PSP System provides industrial strength operations and service to its clients and their users (e.g. 99.9% uptime, minimal response times, etc.).

End user credentials in the system comprises SWIM software public/private key security tokens.

The system supports the registration of multiple “Client” PSP banks/wallet providers.  The Client PSP entities register the actual participating merchants (payee) and users/consumers (payer and payee) within the system.

The system imposes no restrictions on the ability of a participating PSP to configure their users.  For example, a Client PSP may decide to make each of their users identical.  Alternatively, they may decide to specify different rules and restrictions for each user explicitly.

The participating PSP can add, change or delete any of the users associated with it.  Any changes made to a user occur in real-time, to prevent fraudulent access to the system, and are logged for audit purposes.