All your card payments in one mobile app:

Your mobile is now the everyday card payments device. Micro-, small- to medium-size merchants are replacing traditional POS terminals you see in retail environments today: We call this IPOS WALLET app revolution.


IPOSUP.COM simply proposes that you use your smartphones and tablets to process EMV chip and PIN and contactless card payments. IPOS WALLET app is the 21st Century mobile point-of-sale card payments product.

We are compliant to Payment Card Industry PCI council, EMVCo and government Financial Conduct Authority regulations (expected before live operation) and have resolved real-world problems to meet mandates:

  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – FCA PSD2,
  • EMV HCE tokenised payments – Visa and Mastercard , and
  • Cardholder PIN-on-Glass standard called PCI SPoC and CPoC.


  • The Internet is full of clever attackers! Smartphones can address online fraud losses by utilising SCA (strong customer authentication) that authenticate merchants and consumers, alike.
  • Currently, Internet and mobile app payments are based on manually entering credit/debit card numbers and expiry dates i.e. data that is all too easy to gain access to for an attacker. EMV HCE Tokenisation and PIN-on-Glass standards eliminate open access to critical consumer card data.
  • IPOS WALLET running on merchants’ and consumers’ smartphones can now process physical and online EMV card payments without the need for expensive dedicated payment hardware.

The future is IPOSUP.COM!