Our Simple but Important Security Principles

Data Security: We are responsible for storing the cardholder data on your behalf in our Payment Card Industry PCI-DSS level 1 compliant data centres. As sellers (merchants) you can extract many benefits such as de-scoping of PCI-DSS. Your additional benefits include:

  1. No upfront capital investment required by you,
  2. You pay low-cost transaction fees on a pay-as-you-go basis,
  3. You don’t need your own operational staff, servers, storage, and virtualisation technologies,
  4. Your IPOS WALLET apps installed on your multiple mobile devices access our IPOSUP.COM hosted payments solution over the Internet,
  5. Our cloud computing dual-data centres achieves 99.9% high-availability as well as inherent Disaster Recovery (DR) capability.
  6. Cardholders enter their card PIN on your seller IPOS WALLET mobile app.

Known as “PIN-on-Glass” card payments service, our payment service is undergoing additional certification with global PCI SPoC and CPoC standards.

Avoid theft, scams, and any other loss of funds

We follow three basic security principles:

  1. Generate your private Digital Identity keys and Digital Card Wallets in our trusted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) secured 2-Factor Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) payments service.
  2. Encrypt all Internet communication to our IPOSUP.COM infrastructure via PKI based 2-factor strong authentication; (SCA compliant to PSD2, UK’s Payment Service Directive 2).
  3. PCI Point-to-Point Encryption (PCI PTPE) of all card data from your seller IPOS WALLET app to our cloud payments service host.